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FAQ – Onedollar app

Quick start guide

How to play?

1 - Buy anything from the SHOP to get your Dollar Coins and unlock all products in the BET section.
2 - Start betting on any product you would like to win.
3 - Check your tickets progress in your ‘Cart’ (BET-WON-MISSED). You can see who bet on the product in real time and when the draws will be done (i.e. 5 days or when tickets are sold out).
Everyone has the same chance to win.
5 - If you are the winner, follow the instruction in the app to enter your address. Merchants will soon contact you arrange the delivery of your prize. For more information please check our FAQ section.


SHOP and earn your Dollar Coins rewards 

How to get rewards? You can earn your dollar coins rewards when you do any purchase in the SHOP. It works like a  points system, the more you buy the more rewards you get.
How to get FREE Dollar Coins in the Live Feed? If you are a new user you will be entitled to one DollarCoin = 1 bet sponsored by merchants. You can earn more rewards, check in the drawer the ''Get Bonuses'' screen. Free DollarCoins can only be used on ''Sponsored product''.
Note: Free DollarCoins can only be used on ''Sponsored product''.
I’ve made a purchase in the SHOP. Why aren’t there any dollar coins rewards in my Account?  Your account will be credited automatically once your payment is posted. PayPal Payment Processing usually takes a few seconds to minutes. Note that OneDollar doesn’t have access to your payment details. If you experience any problems with the payment process, please contact here.

Tips to use your Dollar Coins rewards

Your first bets If you are a new user, you can use you FREE Dollar Coins on Sponsored Product only. If you have already bought a product in the SHOP and earn rewards we recommend you to bet on your favorite product and multiple time rather than bet $1 on each product. By betting few Dollar Coins on one product you increase your chance to win significantly.

How to check the progress of my bets? Open the app and tap the 'Cart' icon at the bottom menu bar. You can see the progress BET-WON-MISSED. Sometimes you may need to refresh the screen to see the latest update by pulling down the screen and release it.

Tips to maximize your chance You can win more often than you think by betting multiple time on the same product. Check the total number of tickets and if you buy enough tickets to have 1:50 chance to win this is great! National Lottery, for example, are 1: millions chance to win.   ie: a product has 1000 tickets, if you buy 20 tickets ($20) you have a 1:50 chance to win this is good even if you have no guaranty.

When my dollar coins rewards expire? Your dollar coins rewards expire after 12 months but they can be extended. Every time you earn new dollar coins, all your rewards restart for 12 months.

I won, what do I need to do?

Claim your prize first, enter a valid shipping address Congratulations! Open the app, claim your prize when prompt or just open the ''chat'' and make sure you have entered a valid address. Once the address is entered you cannot change it if the product is already shipped.

Who will ship my products? E-commerce and Merchants will ship your product. The warranty is under their responsibility. One Dollar app is only providing the platform.

When my product will arrive? Usually, merchants have 30 days to send you the product, if any delay or issue they will contact you through the corresponding chat.

My product is damaged, what to do? Keep the delivery receipt and follow the instructions to claim it under its warranty. Merchants and e-commerce are responsible for the product quality and delivery, not OneDollar.


How to create an Account? You can only register with the app. The web access is only to top-up your balance. So sign up with Facebook or via email. If you sign up via email you will need to activate your account before being able to bet or top-up.

I’ve created an Account. When can I start bidding? Your Account will only be fully activated once you have a valid email address and bought your first Bet pack. 

How can I edit my personal information? Open the app and go to your profile. You can edit all fields except ''Country'' and ''email address''.
Where do I put my shipping address? You can specify your shipping address directly after winning or just by editing the address field in your profile. Please provide an address where you can be reached during carriers’ regular delivery hours and make sure all the information, including the recipient’s first and last name, address, and phone number, is complete and correct.
What is Account verification? Account verification is a standard procedure if you have registered via email that ensures the safety and security of our Users by confirming their email and phone number authenticity.
Can I get the refund of my DollarCoins? No, Dollar Coins are not refundable or convertible to cash.